Nokia screen replacement and motion graphics

International Social Media agency 1000heads appointed Omni to support them on a number of online films and animations for telecoms giant Nokia.

Nokia Apps

The Process

Created from provided storyboards, the Nokia Apps animation was produced to hero the range apps and layout customisation features on the new Nokia 1520.

Each scene was initially sketched out, by a storyboard artist with animation suggestions, before being finalised as vector based graphics.

Following Nokia's stringent brand guidelines, Omni's animators brought each scene to life using their experience to both enhance and realise the client's concepts and directions.

Nokia Storyboard 01
Nokia Storyboard 02


The animation was then masked onto the phone's screen, which was shot in two positions and any unwanted reflections were removed. Finally, a slight motion effect was then added, providing further realism to the end result.

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