Hydrock brand animation

Brand film for the Hydrock's company website. With the aim of introducing the company, their ethos and values.

Hyrdrock house examples

The Process

Hydrock were looking for a brand animation which illustrated their drive to delivering a fresh approach to engineering. They called this 'Valued Engineering'.

Omni's creative team presented the marketing department with the idea of a Hydrock city. 

Based on projects that Hydrock had been involved in, the Hydrock city consisted of bespoke buildings that included residential housing, transport infrastructure, commercial offices, a logistics and distribution centre, an airport and power station. A completely unique skyline.

Hydrock City

Regeneration of an area

From a height, we see the regeneration of an area, which is first cleared. Then residential homes, roads, utilities, a school, a retail area are built.

Hydrock regeneration area

Power Station

We pan along a coastline where a power station builds.

Hydrock Power Station


We travel over an emerging airport, which evolves as planes land.

Hydrock airport

Distribution Centre

The road multiples into lanes leading them to a distribution centre, which builds as they arrive.

Hydrock distribution centre

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